Texas Fish and Wildlife Department

There are various ways to get involved in the Texas Fish and Wildlife Department. The various features allow for there to be something everyone can do to get involved or help. The first way to get involved is to donate money to the Texas Fish and Wildlife Department. The money will help them with keeping their state parks up and running as well as other priority conservation and outdoor recreation needs in Texas. You can choose to donate to any department, like the Texas Game Wardens, Nature Wildlife and Endangered Species, and many more. Another way to get involved is… Read More

How high or low should you build your fence?

When hunting a major factor is the height of your fence. People make some valid points about fencing in general. The first that is very common is that if you are hunting inside a fenced area then the animal has no chance at staying alive. There is a lot to consider when deciding what height fence to put up.   If you are to put a high fence up there are many pros. It will be easier for you to catch the animal most likely because the animal does not have much of a place to go. Another good thing… Read More