What type of grass is best for horses and cows?

When you are deciding what type of grass to plant in your pasture, you may wonder what the best one is. There are plenty to choose from that will serve the needs of horses and cows. There are numerous options, you just have to choose the one that you think is the best option.   Bermuda grass and Kleingrass are great grass options and are warm season grasses. Bermuda grass is a great type of grass because it will always regrow each year. It also doesn’t need frequent replanting because the roots will remain strong and healthy for awhile. Kleingrass… Read More

What type of grass is best to be grown on floodplain properties?

When dealing with a yard that floods all of the time there are various grasses that can withstand it. Seashore Paspalum ranks the best for submersion tolerance. This grass requires moderates amount of water and fertilizer.   You will also need to frequently mow this grass in order to keep a low cut. This grass will allow for moderate traffic because it will easily recover over the months. Also this grass is best for warmer seasons. This is great because it can withstand drought and heat better. This grass is naturally grown in clumps and spreads through “tillers”.         On the… Read More