Information on Cattle Ranching

Cattle ranching occurs on farms when people raise large herds of cattle, sheep, or horses. People take care of the animals in order to receive something in the future like milk or maybe even beef if you were choosing to slaughter them. If you have beef cattle and would like to produce beef, there are some strict regulations to prevent the spread of disease. You have to be careful with the cow manure laying around because it can spread disease but it can also work as a fertilizer. One thing cattle ranchers have to watch out for is bad weather,… Read More

How do you prevent soil erosion along creeks?

When you notice that soil erosion is occurring there are various ways you can handle it. Depending on your method it can be relatively cheap or very costly.   The first way to prevent soil erosion is through planting vegetation because plants will stabilize the so il and will prevent soil erosion. This is the most common way to prevent it because it’s simple and easy. You can also use geotextiles because they will stabilize the soil as well. There are three different types of geotextiles. The first type is a woven geotextile which refers to pavement, roads, and structures… Read More

What is black dirt used for?

There are various versions of black dirt. They are not all the same. Black dirt is a specific type of dirt that comes from drained swampland’s. “Black dirt” is often referred to as top soil. This kind of soil is dark in color, the darker color can easily allow for tilling and fertilizing. This soil is sold in bags or bulk at your local gardening store like Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.   This soil is the best growing medium for most plants and of course grass. This soil is great for growing almost anything because of the valuable nutrients. The… Read More

Best Uses for Sandy Loam Soil

What is Sandy loam soil? This type of soil is typical used for gardening. It is made of sand and various amounts of silt and clay particles. It is typically 60 percent sand, 10 percent clay, and 30 percent silt particles. The reason it is such a good gardening soil is because of the way the particles in the soil allow for drainage. If you are a person known to over-water plants, you will definitely appreciate this soil. In North Texas sandy loam soil is dominant and usually is perfect.   Depending on the type of sandy loam soil you… Read More